Sunday, February 6, 2011

Taning in Humid Weather.

Lately in Adelaide our weather has been humid, tanning can be quite hard in this weather as the solution takes a lot longer to stick to the skin because of a fine layer of moister that builds up on the skin. There are a few steps that you can do before your tan to help the tan stick and stop a uneven tan.

  1. We all know not to moisturise before a tan but this is of even more importance on a humid day. Keep away from moisturise for at least 24 hrs before your tan, this will ensure that there is no barrier to stop the tan from sticking.
  2. Right before your tan pat yourself down with a towel to remove excess moister.
  3. After your tan, ask your spray tan technician to dry your tan, instead of doing it yourself. She will be able to see were it needs drying the most and can take more time.
  4. Lastly if your usually get two coats of a medium tan, ask for one coat of a darker solution. One coat will dry quicker so last change of it rubbing off or not setting properly.

Hope this helps!
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