Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Get the best to match your tan.

I have tried many bronzers from cheap to expensive but my favourite has be Clinique True Bronzed Pressed Powder. This bronzer is amazing, its light weight and goes on as a soft bronze  then you build it up to the colour that is right for you, making it great for your skin with or with out a tan.

The secret to applying great bronzer is the brush. Spend a little bit more money on a quality brush with soft brisels and your bronzer will go on smoother, no streak lines and a softer glow. Pucker up in the mirror and apply the bronzer to hollows of the checks! Sunkissed!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gisele Bundchen gets photo shopped.

Gisele Bundchen the face of H&M new spring collection has had a t-shirt digitally add to her photos for the campain that is running in the Middle East to protect her modesty. Check out the photos, I think they are really well done.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Black Spots

Ever heard of 'Black Spots' when tanning?

There are two types of Black Spots......First type is when the spray tan technician sprays to close to your skin or her gun isn't working properly. To stop this make sure the spray tan gun is cleaned properly and regularly and stand a good distance from the gun, this can be any were from 30 to 60cm away.

The second type is when you have open large pores and the spray tan gets stuck making it look like you have tiny black spots on your skin.Most of the time, the spots can not be seen by other people unless you point them out. There are a few things that you can do to help thou......
  1. Try different brands of spray tans. Ones that are organic can sometimes be a lighter formula. A lighter formula can sit on the skin differently not seeping in to the pores as much.
  2. Make sure you do your pre tan ritual properly! If you have all of that down pat try adding a salon peel or deep pore scrub to your list. Cleaning out the pores can help them close to make them smaller so they don't catch as much of the spray.
  3. Depending on where your black spots are, you can shave lightly after you shower. This just takes a light layer of tan off, hopefully unblocking the pores.
  4. Lastly if all this fails ask your spray tan tech to use a formula that doesn't have a bronzer in it. A spray tan formula that doesn't have a brozer in it can be hard to use because your cant always see were you have and haven't sprayed, so make sure your spray tan tech knows what shes doing, otherwise you'll be left with a white patched.

Happy Tanning!
Tans 2 U

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Taning in Humid Weather.

Lately in Adelaide our weather has been humid, tanning can be quite hard in this weather as the solution takes a lot longer to stick to the skin because of a fine layer of moister that builds up on the skin. There are a few steps that you can do before your tan to help the tan stick and stop a uneven tan.

  1. We all know not to moisturise before a tan but this is of even more importance on a humid day. Keep away from moisturise for at least 24 hrs before your tan, this will ensure that there is no barrier to stop the tan from sticking.
  2. Right before your tan pat yourself down with a towel to remove excess moister.
  3. After your tan, ask your spray tan technician to dry your tan, instead of doing it yourself. She will be able to see were it needs drying the most and can take more time.
  4. Lastly if your usually get two coats of a medium tan, ask for one coat of a darker solution. One coat will dry quicker so last change of it rubbing off or not setting properly.

Hope this helps!
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