Tuesday, October 12, 2010

XFactor UK Gossip & Tanning Tips.

Anyone follow XFactor UK? While I'm not a huge fan of the show, i do LOVE Cheryl Cole. Cheryl's tan last night has got everyone talking. I don't think Cheryl can put a foot wrong from her clothes, hair and now her tan. But 'fans' on twitter were tweeting other wise one saying 'Cherly Cole looks like the inside of a tea pot' and 'OMG Cherly looks orange'.
I believe the reason Cheryl looks so tanned is because she is near the lovely Danni Minogue. With Danni's skin looking very natural, Cheryl does stand out. Check out the photos and tell me what you think.

Here's a great tip I got off the tantalist website (www.thetantalist.com). To give your self great cleavage in a bikini or your summer dress; The next day after your spray tan, find a tan in the can that matches your tan (i can help w/ this) then in a 'V" shape spray from one armpit to the other to exaggerate their curve. Next buff the area and then finish off by using a brozing powder to add definition.